Top 10 Best Solar Panels in Pakistan 2023 – Ultimate Review

Pakistan has one of the best climatic conditions for solar power generation in the world. 8 to 9 hours of sunshine makes it the ideal climate for solar panels to generate electricity in Pakistan.

Due to continuous failure in the supply of electricity by the state, many consumers have shifted to generations of power by solar panels in Pakistan.

Solar Panel in Pakistan

Finding the best solar panel for power generation is a challenging task as hundreds of companies are selling solar panels in Pakistan.

Top 10 Best Solar Panels in Pakistan

This article will examine and analyze different brands of solar panels in Pakistan. Also, here we will assist you in selecting the best solar panel for your power generation.

Now we will discuss the top 10 best solar panel brands in Pakistan with their salient features and outstanding properties.

1. SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are designed and manufactured by SunPower Corporation, which is an American company.

The solar panels of SunPower company are based on the all-back-contact solar cell, which was invented at Stanford University.

According to a survey, SunPower solar panels gave 22.8% panel efficiency in 2020, which is the highest panel efficiency among other solar panels available in Pakistan.

Sunpower Solar Panels gives 25 25-year warranty on its solar panels to the customers.

2. LG Solar Panels

LG solar panels are also among the best solar panels because they use modern technology to manufacture highly efficient solar panels in Pakistan.

They offer exact solar panels to customers who demand outstanding reliability and high performance in Pakistan.

These solar panels give consistently strong power output to the customers. The quality of LG solar panels is also excellent in Pakistan.

3. LONGI Solar Panels

LONGI solar panels are manufactured by a Chinese company, namely Longi Green Energy Technology.

In recent times, LONGI solar panels have set a new record by achieving a 23.6% conversion efficiency rate.

LONGI uses P-type monocrystalline passivated emitter rear cells (PERC) solar cells. It supplies solar panels in almost all parts of the world.

4. REC Solar Panels

REC solar panels are manufactured by REC Solar, which is an American company. It produces more efficient solar panels in Pakistan.

In terms of quality and durability, REC solar panels are also outstanding. REC Solar uses high technology to manufacture efficient solar panels.

According to a survey, REC solar panels gave a 21.7% efficiency rate during 2020 in Pakistan.

5. JA Solar Panels

JA Solar Holdings is the manufacturing company of JA Solar panels, a Chinese solar development company based in Beijing.

This company manufactures different solar panels monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells.

Solar panels of JA Solar are of high quality and durability. They also gave an outstanding performance.

6. Suntech Power Solar Panels

Suntech Power is a Chinese company that produces the best solar panels in Pakistan. It supplies solar panels in more than 80 countries of countries.

The solar panels of Suntech are excellent in performance and efficiency rate in conversion. Dr. Shi Zhengrong founded it.

7. Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar Inc. manufactures Canadian solar panels. It produces solar panels on a large scale in the world.

This company has solar panel production in many countries like Canada, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil.

Canadian solar panels are made with monocrystalline or multi-crystalline solar cells. These panels give better performance in Pakistan.

8. Jinko

Jinko Solar is the largest solar panel manufacturing company in the world at current times. Its headquarters is in Shanghai, China.

Jinko Solar provides solar panels for utility, commercial, and residential areas in most parts of the world.

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules support the solar panels of Jinko Solar.

9. Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic is a Japanese manufacturing company that supplies high-quality solar panels in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

The solar panels of Panasonic company have great demand in Pakistan because its products are more efficient and durable.

According to a recent survey, Panasonic solar panels gave a 21.2% efficiency rate in 2020 in Pakistan.

10. SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld is a German company that supplies one of the best solar panels in Pakistan and other countries of the world.

This company develops all types of solar products for different purposes in commercial and residential areas.

SolarWorld was founded in 1975 as a leading solar panels manufacturing company based in Hillsboro.


To sum up, many companies in Pakistan manufacture high-quality solar panels for customers. These companies are also giving a warranty to the customers to attract them.

SunPower solar panels are the best in Pakistan in terms of performance and efficiency. LG and LONGI solar panels occupy second and third numbers in the list of the best ten solar panels in Pakistan.

The above analysis and discussion will assist in selecting the best solar panels for your needs in Pakistan.

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  1. Your review is great. As per your analysis Longi solar panel gives 23.6% energy output as compared to that of Sunpower, which gives 22.8%. How have you then recommended Sunpower’s solar panel as better then that of Longi? Can you please clarify to enable me to chose. Also please if you can give the capacities they have in terms of wattage. Thank you.


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