10 Best Sunblocks in Pakistan (2023)

A sunblock is also known as sunscreen. It can be in the form of lotion, gel, spray, and foam that absorbs harmful sun rays and protects the burning of a person’s skin.

Today, we are going to discuss the Best sunblocks/Sunscreens in Pakistan. These Sunblocks are suitable for all types of Skins and tested by our experts.

A sunblock protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. It also protects the skin of a person from pollution and other skin-damaging agents.

A sunblock must give good performance under any weather condition. It should provide long hours of protection from the UV radiation of the sun.

Best Sunblock in Pakistan

Top 10 Best Sunblock in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to discuss the best 10 Sunblocks/Sunscreens in Pakistan. These Sunblocks are tested by Our team.

We will also discuss these sunblocks’ pros and cons to help you select the best sunblock for you and your family.

1. NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Face Cream SPF 50

NIVEA is the number one sunblock brand in Pakistan. It is readily available in almost all drugstores in Pakistan. This sunblock is water and sweatproof.

NIVEA is a German sunblock brand. This brand has a specialty in the skin and body care. It is the most popular brand in Pakistan and the world.

Furthermore, vitamin E in NIVEA sunblock protects a person’s skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. It also prevents the premature aging development of the sun.

  • Immediate UVA and UVB protection
  • Long-lasting moisture and protection
  • Protects skin darkening
  • Anti-aging formula
  • Water-resistant
  • Sweatproof
  • Vitamin E
  • Advanced collagen protect
  • Could cause redness in the skin

2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock/ Sunscreen

The sunblock products of Neutrogena are the most reliable in Pakistan. It makes the natural shield the of skin to protect it harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Moreover, Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock also helps the skin to defend against pollution. It contains antioxidants that protect the from pollution damage.

Furthermore, this brand of sunblock also protects the skin from premature aging. It contains anti-aging elements in its formula.

Most importantly, Neutrogena sunblock boosts the skin’s hydration and makes it able to defend against sun rays. This brand increases the natural ability of the skin to protect itself from ultraviolet sun rays.

  • Boosts hydration of the skin
  • Strengthens the natural shield of skin against UV rays
  • Protects from premature aging
  • Defends from pollution damage
  • Strong fragrance

3. Eveline Cosmetics Sun SPF 50 Sun Protection Face Cream

Eveline sunblock protects the DNA of the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It also protects the skin of a person from darkening.

Moreover, Eveline cosmetics face cream is free from alcohol and harmful sulfates. It also hydrates the skin to protect it.

Furthermore, this face cream also improves the texture of the skin. It also kills bacteria. It has a healing effect too.

Besides, Eveline sunblock has anti-aging elements which prevent the premature aging of the skin. It also has antioxidants to block free radicals.

On the other hand, the use of this face cream may provoke allergy in the skin. It also has silicones that are difficult to wash.

  • Skin NDA protection
  • Intensely moistures
  • UV protection
  • Non-greasy
  • Quickly absorbing formula
  • Could cause allergy

4. Bioderma Aua Fluid Max SPF 50+

The sunblock of Bioderma is suitable for all types of skin. This sunblock activates the natural defense of the skin.

Bioderma is the biggest brand of French Pharmacy. The products of this brand are of high quality and contain minimum side effects.

Moreover, Bioderma sunblock has a very dry touch with maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays. It also protects the texture of the skin.

Furthermore, it protects the cells and fights against premature skin aging. Further, its formula is oil-freewhicht making this cafe cream suitable for all skins.

  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • UV rays protection
  • Dry touch
  • Oil-free formula
  • Very fair skin with freckles
  • Boosts skin’s natural defense
  • May provoke skin allergy

5. Banana Boat Ultra Protection Sunscreen SPF 50

Banana boat sunblock is another best because it is very genuine to the skin. It absorbs the skin very quickly. It is a sweatproof sunblock.

Moreover, this sunscreen is fragrance-free to avoid unwanted perfumes. This sunblock offers long protection from the UV rays of the sun.

Furthermore, this brand of sunblock gives a non-greasy feel. It also provides high performance in outdoor activities.

Most importantly, BananBoat Ultra Protection sunblock protects your skin from any kind of weather. It is non-sticky in form. It is available in different forms.

  • Non-sticky form
  • Free from unwanted fragrance
  • Maximum sunlight protection
  • Quickly absorbs
  • Skin irritation

6. U-Veil Forte Sunscreen Cream SPF 60

U-Veil forte sunblock is also one of the best because it protects the skin from sun and pollution. It also provides smooth and glowy skin to a person.

Moreover, this sunblock cleanses and nourishes the skin of the users. It also helps to control blemishes on the skin.

This sunblock is also proteagainst cts against the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun. Moreover, U-veil sunblock is also suitable for skinks.

U-Veil sunscreen cream is also enriched with vitamins C and E. These vitamins are antioxidants and are very important for the skin’s health.

This sunblock gives a non-greasy touch to the users. It is water-resistant and stays for a longer time. It is also a very price-friendly sunblock.

  • Protects from sun and pollution
  • Price friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Best for oily skin
  • Provides smooth and glowy skin
  • Non-greasy and long-lasting
  • Average packaging

7. Hemani Sunblock SPF 50

Hemani sunblock is also one of the best because it is suitable for all types of skin. Further, it protects a person’s skin from the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, this sunblock helps the skin to strengthen its complexion. It also prevents the premature aging process of the skin.

Hemani sunblock is enriched with natural and herbal ingredients to protect the skin. It activates the innate immune of the skin to defend itself.

  • Shield for UV rays
  • Suitable for all skin kinds
  • Reasonable price
  • Natural and herbal ingredients
  • May cause allergy

8. NuFace Sunblock SPF 60

NuFace sunblock gives an outstanding performance because it blocks UV-A and UV-B rays completely. Moreover, it is also free from oil sunblock.

Furthermore, NuFace sunblock is fragrance-free. Hence, it does not irritate sensitive skin. Its PA+++ rating offers the highest UV radiation protection.

This sunblock gives complete water and sweat resistance. It provides long hours of protection to the skin of a person.

  • Complete UV radiation protection
  • Long 7 hours protection
  • Free from oil
  • PA+++ rating
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Free from fragrance
  • May irritate the skin

9. Truly Komal SPF 50 Sunblock

Truly Komal is a Spanish product. It gives an outstanding performance in any weather condition. Moreover, it is a luxurious sunblock especially designed for all types of age people.

Furthermore, this sunblock is 100 percent safe for children. It is also a water-resistant sunblock. This sunblock is suitable for all types of skin.

Truly Komal SPF Sunblock is suitable for the concerns of sun damage, acne, dryness, blemishes, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. It also cures redness, pores, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Moreover, this sunblock gives maximum protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also prevents premature aging of the skin.

  • Light and non-greasy
  • Maximum UV rays protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Safe for kids
  • Suitable for any kind of skin
  • Average packaging

10. Lady Diana Sunblock

Lady Diana sunblock lotion and cream contain natural fruit extracts that offer long-lasting skin protection. It gives deep and loner moisture to the skin for its protection from the sun’s pollution and UV rays.

This sunblock is suitable and recommendable for any kind of skin. Moreover, it is water and perspiration-resistant.

Moreover, this sunblock is light and very easy to use. Any age can use it. This is a non-greasy sunblock. It gives long hours of protection.

  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Maximum protection from UV
  • Non-greasy
  • Light and easy to use
  • Natural
  • Difficult to wash off


To sum up, Neutrogena, Nivea, and Eveline are the top three sunblock face creams in Pakistan. These sunblocks increase the natural defense of the skin for its protection.

The sunblocks of U-Veil, Banana Boat, and Bioderma brands also give excellent performance. They provide skin protection for a more extended period.

These sunblocks can be used for any age. They give maximum protection to the skin from sun rays and pollution.

Also, Hemani, NuFace, Truly Komal, and Lady Diana are specially formulated for kids. These sunblocks are safe for children.

In short, the above-discussed sunblocks protect your skin from sun rays. These sunblocks are suitable for all types of skin.

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