Marriott Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Pakistan

Ever wondered which is the most expensive hotel in Pakistan? If yes then the answer is the Marriott Hotel Karachi with a rate of $380 per night for a Deluxe Suite room.

This price tag converted in local currency makes in approximately 61,000 Pakistani rupees per month.

With the increase in tourism in Pakistan, more and more people are coming to Pakistan from many countries.

The tourists often search for most luxury hotel rooms in Pakistan. This is a fact that all the luxury comes with a higher price, the luxurious hotel rooms are also the expensive ones.

The most expensive Executive Suite in the Marriott hotel Karachi Pakistan comes with access to the Executive lounge. This suite is a single bedroom suite having a King size bed and 2 bathrooms.

Free breakfast, Wifi internet, TV, mini refrigerator and hair dryer are provided with this suite.

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