Best Web Hosting in Pakistan 2023- Expert Review

In this digital era, a lot of people want to enter in the field of online earning in Pakistan. For this, they want to know that which is the best web hosting in Pakistan and how to make a website in Pakistan.

To make a website, the two main things are the domain name and the hosting. While purchasing hosting for their website, people wonder that which is the best web hosting in Pakistan.

One should also do his research about web hosting comparison in Pakistan as there are many web hosting providers from where people buy hosting.

After purchasing website hosting one should post review about it in different social media platforms so that other people can also compare these web hosting companies. 

After you have purchased a cheap in price and good web hosting from a hosting provider company. Now you need to purchase a good domain name. Now you can make your website with ease of mind.

Then next step is to connect the domain name with the hosting, install and design theme and upload content, and that’s it, welcome to the online world.

best web hosting in Pakistan

There are two types of web hosting service providers in Pakistan from where you can buy hosting for your website. These are local hosting provider companies and international hosting provider companies.

The local companies mostly use reseller accounts of any good international hosting provider.

The international hosting service providers are the one which provides their services to all the countries. They have their own data centers in the countries like USA, UK and Canada.

The local web hosting providers are the ones which provide cheap hosting with best server.

List of 5 Best Web Hostings in Pakistan

HostingRecommended ForGuaranteePrice
Symbol HostNew Websites, Blogs, Event Affiliate and Adsense Websites, Small Business Websites30 Days MoneybackCheck Price
Blue HostPersonal Websites, Affiliate Websites, Big Corporation Websites30 Days Money back guaranteeCheck Price
Site GroundStartups, small business websites30 DaysCheck Price
iPage HostingMedium traffic, personal and business websites30-day Money backCheck Price
Name CheapAffiliate, Adsensea and Small to medium business websites1 Month MoneybackCheck Price

So here are the top 5 best web hosting service provider companies in Pakistan.

Symbol Host is the best web hosting company in Pakistan. Pakistan’s number 1 hosting company which is know for its perfect support. No matter if you know the technicalities of hosting and website transferring etc or not, the support team of Symbol Host is always there for you.

They go an extra mile for the satisfaction of their customers. Apart from hosting, they also provide other services like domain name purchasing for their customers.

Apart from there regular hosting for small business websites, they provide different types of hosting services including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

They have the best support system among all the hosting providers. If you are facing any problem in hosting you just have to raise a ticket and the problem will be resolved by support team of Symbol Host in a matter of minutes.

symbol host best hosting packages in pakistan

Their Professional Package is the best economical package in the market. They offer 50GB SSD space and 100 GH Bandwidth for unlimited websites for only $20 per year. For startups and new bloggers, they have low pricing as compared with other companies in the market.

  • Fast
  • Cheap in Price
  • Great Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Free Domain with Hosting

Blue Host

blue host

Providing free domain with every hosting plan, Blue Host is one of the top hosting providers in the world. There are over 2 million websites currently hosted on their servers.

Available on Chat, Email and Phone Call, they have exceptional support system for their customers. Support is provided for 24 hours a days and 7 days a week.

They offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting and WordPress Hosting on economical charges. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee. With hosting you can also buy domains from Blue Host.

For bloggers and freelancers they have shared hosting which is great speed and hosting space. Normally the charges of shared hosting are $7.99 per month. But if you signup now, you will get discount price of $2.95 per month.

  • Reliable
  • Not Pricy
  • Good Server Speed
  • No Windows Server


Siteground has the powerful Google Cloud on their backend. This makes them one of the fastest hosting providers among others. SSD storage is used in their servers, which means that their servers are really fast.

Siteground also offers Easy Website Transfer to their new clients. Clients can easily transfer their old websites from other hosting to the hosting of Siteground without any effort.

Weebly and other website builders can be easily integrated with Siteground hosting. Its easir to create websites with any builder in the siteground hosting.


Although their StartUp plan just offers 1 website in it with 10GB Space and Unlimited Traffic, but its good for anyone who is just starting their career in online field. GrowBig plan is recommended fr everyone as it has got Unlimited Website with 20 GB Space and Unlimited Traffic.

Regularly the StartUp plan is offered for $11.59 per month and Grow Up is offered for $19.95 per month. But if you buy this from the below link then you can get these offers with discounted prices.

  • Good Packages
  • Cheap in Price
  • Great Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Renewal Rates are High

iPage Hosting


iPage offers  $500 worth of extras for free with their hosting plans. The free resources includes $100 Google Ads Credit, $100 Bing Ads Credit, Free Email, Free Domain Name, Free Domain Transfer, Free SSL Certificate, Free Site Builder and Free Templates.

Although the free website builder provided with iPage isn’t as good as WooCommerce or WordPress are, but for any reason if you don’t want to use WooCommerce and WordPress then you can use the website builder provided with iPage Hosting.

The website builder also has the functionality of Ecommerce Builder. You can also sell your products online after designing your Ecommerce website in the iPage’s website builder.

They offer convenient 12 months, 24 months and 36 months plans for their hosting packages. The first  month will charged with introductory prices, after that the regular pricing will come in effect.

  • Good Speed
  • Lots of Free Resources
  • Lengthy Plans and Packages
  • No Free Site Migration



Name Cheap is the answer of your question no matter if you want hosting for your personal blog, for your professional website or for the online presence of your small or large business. They have customized packages and plans for every type of hosting needs.

Apart from different web hostings plans like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller Hosting, NameCheap also offers email hosting to its clients.

If you have your website hosted on any other web hosting platform and want to change your hosting, then you should use NameCheap Migration. With NameCheap migration you can easily migrate your website from any hosting to NameCheap’s web hosting servers.

name cheap

With these prices and features, name cheap is surely one of the Best Web Hosting in Pakistan.

They have 3 packages in their shared hosting plan. With steller plan, you will get hosting for 3 websites with free website builder and email solution. Stellar Business plan offers unlimited websites and unlimited Bandwidth. You will also get free automatic backups with a stellar business plan.

  • Good For Everyone
  • Live Chat Support
  • Cheap in Price
  • Free Domain Name
  • Sometimes Slow Loading

Web Hosting in Pakistan : How to Find the Best One?

We used a lot of factors to shortlist the above mentioned top 5 best web hostings in Pakistan. You need to look for a features and factors to find the best among the all.

Apart from the above mentioned web hosting companies in Pakistan, you can also look and search for the one that you like.

So, here we are discussing the types of hostings and the factors which you should consider before finalizing any hosting service provider in pakistan.

Types of Web Hosting in Pakistan

The web hosting for your personal blog and the web hosting required a big corporation aren’t the same. There are many types of web hostings depending on the storage space, speed, memory, Operating System and many other factors.

Blow we are going to review a few of these web hosting types.

So, here you go.

VPS Hosting

VPS is Virtual Private Server, which is a type of hosting. In VPS hosting the Ram and Storage of a hosting is dedicated to the user’s account. The use can manage and customize the resources provided to him.

VPS hosting is usually used by well established websites and big business corporations for their websites.

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting, the resources like Ram and Storage etc of a single server are divided among many users. All these users use the same server, that why the prices of shared hosting are low as compared with other hostings.

Shared Hosting is suitable for personal blogs, new websites, portfolio websites.

WordPress Hosting

This is mostly a shared hosting, but it is optimized for the use of WordPress. WordPress is a CMS which is used to create and design websites.

WordPress hosting is used by the people who use wordpress for the creation and designing of their websites.

Dedicated Hosting

If you have a website with a lot of daily visitors and with a lot of data, then you need a Dedicated Hosting. In dedicated hosting, all the resources of a server are a dedicated to a single client.

Dedicated hostings are mostly used by the websites which are getting traffic in millions.

Reseller Hosting

In Reseller Web Hosting, you can use the space and memory of a server allocated to you for the storage of other people websites. You will charge them money for the resources utilized by their websites. 

Its like a reseller account, where you sell the services of Web Hosting to other people.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Web Hosting

Mostly people who dont know anything about SEO, Server Speed, Uptime etc purchase hosting plans for their websites whichout a market research. This is the when you can make a bad decision that will obviously make a bad impact on your website in the future.

We have discussed a few factors which you should consider before purchasing hosting for your personal blog, business website or any other type of website.


You get a good user engagement when your website loads faster on the browsers of your visitors. This is possible due to the fast response of your server.

Users and visitors hate websites which loads slower. So, you should also look for the hosting providers which are know for a faster server and provides good hosting speed.


No one would want to pay a higher amount for a service which they can get in a lower price from somewhere else without compromising on the quality of the hosting. This is what everyone looks for. So price is one of the major factor while choosing any web hosting.

You can look for the good hosting service providers which offers discounts and coupons codes.

Operating System

Now here comes the personal choice. The type of Operating System doesn’t matter that much while shortlisting any hosting plan. But if you like Linux hosting then you will look for the hosting providors which provides servers running Linux hosting.

The same goes for the Windows based web hosting companies and the user who likes a Windows based OS.

Server Location

The location of server sometimes determines the quality and the speed of the hosting. Mostly people go for the Servers based in USA, Canada and UK.

The servers placed in these countries are fast and reliable.


There comes a time when you need to contact the support team of the hosting provider and discuss your issues for them.

Mostly it is preferred that the hosting provider company should have Online Chat option.


After getting know about the features, prices and different types of hosting companies, you have now a clear image in your mind that which are the suitable hosting packages for you and which are the best web hosting in Pakistan

We will further suggest that go for the hosting which has high server speed, as website speed is now a days a major ranking factor in SEO.

Do share your experience if you have used any of the above reviewed web hosting companies in Pakistan.

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