Best Inverter AC in Pakistan in 2023 | Expert Review

In Pakistan, many companies manufacture inverter ACs with different features. These all brands are using the most modern technologies to gain the maximum attraction of consumers in Pakistan.

The inverter ACs of Gree and Samsung brands are best in terms of cost and performance in Pakistan. These air conditioners can save up to 65% of energy.

Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

Haier and Orient inverter ACs are also good in giving fast cooling and durability. These air conditioners have excellent EER and SEER ratios.

Moreover, the inverter air conditioners of Dawlance and PEL work in an environmentally friendly way. These ACs produce the lowest noise during their work.

Best Inverter ACs in Pakistan

Now we will discuss the best inverter ACs in Pakistan with their pros and cons. This discussion will be helpful for you in selecting the best inverter AC in Pakistan.

1. Gree Inverter AC

Gree is the number one inverter AC in Pakistan. Moreover, it is famous as a solar hybrid wall inverter. It is also easy to install.

Furthermore, Gree inverter AC is manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances Inc. It is the largest manufacturing company of ACs in the world.

Moreover, Gree inverter ACs are in demand in Pakistan because of their high performance. These ACs also have a long life.

Most importantly, these ACs are also good in EER and SEER ratings. Gree Inverter AC produces low sound during working due to its turbo cooling feature.

In short, Gree inverter ACs are widely used in Pakistan due to their features mentioned above. They are the number one choice among people in Pakistan.

  • Good EER and SEER ratings
  • Turbo cooling system
  • Designed to cool a large room
  • Noise control system
  • A precise temperature control system
  • Warranty is not valid if not installed by a professional
  • HVAC professional is required for installation

2. Samsung

The Samsung inverter air conditioner has been designed for maximum efficiency. Its triangular design ensures that air is expelled farther and wider.

Moreover, Samsung ACs are very easy to install due to their ductless air conditioner system. It works in a very silent way.

Furthermore, these inverter air conditioners also have many other features like dry mode, turbo mode, sleep mode, etc.

  • Silent working
  • Single user mode
  • Wind free technology
  • Better EER ratios
  • Moderate level of efficiency

3. Haier Inverter AC

The inverter AC of the Haier brand is excellent in energy efficiency and performance. It also has the features like self-cleaning, heating, and cooling functions.

Moreover, these air conditioners can save up to 66% of energy. Haier Inverter ACs are lightweight and excellent at cooling.

Most importantly, these ACs have many operation modes. These modes are cooling, circulating air, and heating.

Furthermore, these air conditioners also have a strong turbo cool airflow. They have an anti-corrosion body.

Additionally, Haier inverter ACs are built for convenient operation with many most advanced technologies that are rare in the market.

  • Long-distance airflow
  • Anti-corrosion body
  • More efficient
  • Washable filter
  • Not Self-draining

4. Orient Smart AC

The Orient inverter air conditioners are unique and most advanced. They have enhanced cooling and many other modern features.

Orient is the most popular brand in the air conditioners market of Pakistan. It uses the most advanced technologies to bring new features to its products.

Moreover, Orient inverter ACs can work on low voltage. Further, these ACs can save up to 60% power. They are available in beautiful shapes and designs.

Most importantly, the inverter AC of the Orient brand is eco-friendly. They are perfect for every living area. They provide long-lasting cooling.

Additionally, these ACs can be used year after year. Orient tries to provide high-quality products with minimum carbon footprint in the market.

Hence, the Orient inverter air conditioner has a great demand in Pakistan as it is cost-effective. It provides powerful performance with high energy efficiency.

  • Environment friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Low voltage operation
  • Fast cooling
  • Longer life
  • Bit expensive

5. Dawlance Inverter AC

The inverter air conditioners of the Dawlance brand are the most reliable in Pakistan. These ACs work silently and provide refreshing coolness.

Moreover, Dawlance inverter ACs have a better EER performance. These air conditioners also have auto restart features.

Furthermore, inverter ACs of the Dawlance brand can save up to 60 % power in Pakistan. Besides, they also can work on low voltage.

Most importantly, these air conditioners also have a self-diagnosis system. They have turbo mode, too, for fast cooling.

Additionally, Dawlance inverter ACs are available in different colors to enhance the beauty of a room. They also have a moisture removal feature.

Similarly, these ACs have a memory function which is a most advanced feature. They also have a removable and washable panel to maintain cleanliness.

In short, Dalwnace inverter ACs also have the most modern features like timer and sleep mode. Golden fin condenser is used in these air conditioners.

Thus, the inverter air conditioners of Dawlance are most popular in Pakistan. These ACs are excellent in energy efficiency too. They produce the lowest noise during operation.

  • Silent operation
  • Excellent EER rating
  • Washable panel
  • Good in energy saving
  • Anti-rust outdoor casing
  • Leakage detection
  • Difficult to install

6. PEL Inverter AC

The inverter AC of the PEL brand is widely used in Pakistan because they are good in performance and durability. PEL is a famous name in the markets of air conditioners.

Moreover, PEL inverter ACs have a turbo mode that increases the life of an AC. These air conditioners can also work in low voltage conditions.

Furthermore, these ACs work in an environment-friendly way. Besides, they also can save power up to 60%.

Besides, PEL inverter ACs have excellent EER and SEER ratings in Pakistan. These ACs provide fast and long-lasting cooling.

Further, These air conditioners use A+++ technology that is most advanced. These ACs also use a T3 compressor, which is very now a day in Pakistan.

In short, PEL inverter ACs are the most advanced in terms of technology and features. They are excellent in energy savings.

  • A+++ technology
  • Work silently
  • T3 compressor
  • Excellent EER and SEER ratings.
  • Eco friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Limited designs and colors

7. Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood inverter ACs are one of the best air conditioners in Pakistan. This brand has the largest sales in the country as its products are more reliable.

The ACs of Kenwood company with Esmart features can save up to 75% of energy. This brand has brought an all-new five dimension inverter air conditioner to Pakistan.

Moreover, Kenwood inverter air conditioners have 4D cooling power. These ACs also are elegant to make your room more beautiful and attractive.

Furthermore, the ACs of Kenwood use a T3 compressor. These ACs also have a good EER rating. They work silently.

Also, Kenwood inverter ACs can start even on 150-volt power. These air conditioners are more energy-efficient than others in Pakistan.

Most importantly, these ACs also have a wide air throw. They provide fast and long cooling. These ACs are featured with the most modern technologies.

Finally, Kenwood inverter ACs have dual functions. These can be used for both cooling and heating. They do not require a stabilizer for working.

  • T3 tropical compressor
  • Dual functionality: heating and cooling
  • Can work on low voltage
  • 5 dimension inverter
  • 7-star machine
  • Golden fins condenser
  • 4D airflow
  • Auto clean function
  • Auto-restart
  • More expensive
  • Expert requires for installation

8. Changhong Ruba

The inverter ACs of the Changhong Ruba brand is best because of the golden fins evaporator and condenser in these air conditioners. These ACs have a great demand in Pakistan.

Moreover, Changhong Ruba inverter ACs have the features of turbo cooling and heating. These air conditioners are energy efficient too. These can work even on a very low power supply.

Additionally, these inverter air conditioners also have the most advanced features like auto cleaning and anti-bacterial filter. With this function, users can save the money needed for cleaning the air conditioner.

Furthermore, inverter ACs of this have 100% pure copper connecting pipes. These air conditioners provide long air throw for maximum cooling.

In short, in Changhong Ruba inverter air conditioners, an EE chip is added to the electric control system to be safe from power failure. These ACs can save up to 70% of energy.

  • Turbo cooling and heating
  • EE chip technology
  • Auto cleaning facility
  • Pure copper connecting pipes
  • Bigger IDU
  • Low voltage start-up even on 135 volt
  • Up to 70 % energy saving
  • Golden fins condenser and evaporator
  • Limited designs

9. Mitsubishi Inverter AC

The inverter air conditioners of the Mitsubishi brand are excellent in performance and long-lasting. These ACs are also better in energy efficiency in Pakistan.

Moreover, Mitsubishi inverter ACs also have an outstanding EER and SEER rating. These air conditioners work in an environment-friendly way.

Furthermore, the inverter ACs of Mitsubishi company has dual functionality, i.e heating and cooling. These ACs also have a long life in Pakistan.

Further, these air conditioners can work even on low voltage. These are specially designed to face power fluctuations.

Besides, Mitsubishi uses the most advanced technologies in its inverter ACs, ensuring outstanding performance and power saving. It can save power up to 65 percent.

Finally, Mitsubishi inverter air conditioners are unique in designs and features. These ACs are available in different colors and powers in Pakistan.

  • Low voltage start-up
  • Greater power saving
  • Unique features
  • Environment-friendly working
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance

10. Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic is a popular brand in the inverter air conditioner markets in Pakistan. It is a name of high performance and durability in Pakistan.

Moreover, Panasonic inverter ACs can change the speed of the compressor. This feature allows the air conditioner to use less energy while maintaining a set temperature.

Also, Panasonic uses the most advanced technology in its air conditioner, which ensures fast and long-lasting cooling. It manufactures quality inverter air conditioners in Pakistan.

Furthermore, these air conditioners are also working silently during their operation. Panasonic inverter ACs also have better EER and SEER ratings.

  • Fast cooling
  • Wide air throw
  • Excellent EER and SEER ratings
  • Silent working
  • Energy efficient
  • Difficult to install
  • Expensive


To sum up, in Pakistan, many brands are manufacturing inverter ACs. Inverter air conditioners of Gree and Samsung are at the top of the list in Pakistan. These ACs are ahead with many more features than others.

Moreover, these air conditioners are also excellent in power saving. These ACs can save energy up to 70 percent in Pakistan.

The inverter ACs of Haier and Orient brands have the most advanced features. These air conditioners provide outstanding and long-lasting cooling.

Furthermore, Kenwood and Mitsubishi inverter ACs are a little bit expensive but ensure quality performance and durability. They also remain stable during power fluctuations.

Also, inverter air conditioners of Changhong Ruba and Pansonic have the most advanced technologies. Their EER and SEER ratings are also excellent. These ACs work in an environment-friendly way.

In short, Inverter ACs are the best way to save energy. PEL and Dawlance can work even on voltage power.

The points mentioned above and discussion will help you in selecting the best AC in Pakistan. They can help save your money and electricity units.

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